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The Best Tree Removal Service in Crofton

Why are we the best tree removal service in Crofton? Because we know our stuff! We understand tree biology, how to keep them healthy, and how to prevent them from damaging your home and landscaping. We know when to prune, trim, stabilize, or remove a tree. And we know the healthiest and best way to do it. So if you live in Crofton, give us a call. We’d love to help with your tree needs!

Why Use Mike Forrest Tree Removal Service

When trees are healthy and well-maintained, they can add beauty to your property. But mismanaged trees can do a lot of damage! At Mike Forrest Tree Service, we’re proud to care for the trees in Crofton, Maryland. Why choose us for your tree needs?

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We’re so confident that you’ll love our work that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or You Don’t Pay!

Licensed Arborists

Our tree technicians are licensed arborists, which means we really know our trees!

Safe Work Practices

Many tree related services are inherently dangerous. That’s why we make safety our top priority.

Years of Experiences

We’ve been providing expert services for years. But every job is different. So we’re careful to always use the right technique for the job.

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We Are Certified, Insured Arborists & Tree Surgeons

Why choose a certified arborist to care for the trees on your property? A certified arborist is a person who’s trained to plant, care for, and maintain trees the right way. Arborists are taught the science and art of tree care.

If not taken care of with caution, trees can cause severe damage to your landscaping, your home, or even your family. We take our responsibility seriously to ensure that no one gets hurt and no property is damaged.

Services We Provide

  • High-Risk Tree Removal
  • Storm Damage Restoration
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
  • Residential and Commercial Tree Services

High-Risk Tree Removal

Tree removal is a dangerous job. If the tree is located near a power line, an inexperienced person attempting to remove it might cause power outages to their entire neighborhood or even electrocute themselves. It’s even more dangerous if you don’t have the tools and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Tree decay is another concern. Rotting wood will make the tree unstable and it could fall in unexpected ways, possibly harming you or landing on your house.

What’s the safest way to remove a tree from your property? Call Mike Forrest Tree Service! If a tree is close to a power line, leaning on your roof, or has lost some of its structural integrity, our technicians can help.

Storm Damage Restoration

When your home or property has been ravaged by a bad storm, the results can be overwhelming. High winds, flash flooding, heavy rain, and lightning strikes can all cause a lot of damage. Trees could fall on your house damaging the gutters, siding, windows, and roof. A mature tree could even collapse a portion of your house.

Your vehicle might be trapped if fallen trees block driveways and roadways. The team at Mike Forrest Tree Removal Service can get those trees cleared away fast so that you can get back to normal in no time. Do you need storm damage restoration services? Give us a call.

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Trimming and Pruning

Why should your trees need regular trimming? Tree trimming can save time, money, and, more importantly, lives. It’ll help keep large branches from falling off during a storm and landing on you or your house. Cutting branches away from your home can also prevent critters from nesting in your roof or insects from invading your home.

A licensed arborist also knows how to trim a tree and direct growth so that branches move away from structures and dangerous power lines.

Tree pruning is all about curb appeal. And who better than a certified arborist to know best how to shape that beautiful maple or oak?

Regular tree trimming prevents dangerous tree-related accidents. And consistent tree pruning makes your property look great!

Stump Grinding

No tree removal is complete without stump grinding. After removing the bulk of the tree, we begin to grind. Once we’ve ground the stump to the level of the yard’s surface, the roots will die, and the tree won’t regrow.

Why is Safety Important

Because our work is dangerous. One moment of neglect can hurt someone or damage your property. We’re committed to safe work practices so that we never put your family, home, or business in harm’s way.

Why Do We Trim Branches Before We Fell A Tree

Trimming branches before felling a tree is one of our safe work practices. We know how to cut branches to avoid getting hit by the tree or the branches when the tree falls. After we get the tree down, we chop it up into manageable pieces.

DIY or Professional Tree Trimming – Which is Better?

Tree trimming is hazardous work. So consider the following questions before deciding to trim or fell a tree on your own:

  • What is my skill level?
  • How large is the tree?
  • Do I have the right tools, equipment, and safety gear?

These questions will help you determine when it’s time to pick up the phone and call the pros.

If the tree is taller than 20 feet, a lot of work and expertise will be needed to remove it. The tree needs to be de-branched, topped, secured with a safety line, and pulled in the direction you want the tree to fall. A vee cut will encourage the tree to drop in the direction you’re aiming for, but that’s not a guarantee. A professional will know how to do the job safely.

That’s where we come in. Our licensed arborists and technicians are ready to help. Give us a call to take care of your Crofton property today!

We Proudly Service Crofton, Maryland

Crofton Go Kart Raceway

If you live in our town, then you know all about the Crofton Go Kart Raceway. And even if you’re not a Crofton native, your family has probably stopped by to visit the track. Crofton is also home to some historical landmarks like Johns Hopkins Birthplace and a 200-year old house named Linthicum Walks.

To learn more about Crofton, it’s history, tourist spots, and upcoming events, visit croftoncommunity.org.

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